Solidus offers an easy solution for organizations to collect donations through fundraising, charitable giving, sponsorships and memberships. We make sure your organization receives a regular income with minimum effort, by ensuring that the donations and dues are received on time directly into your account.

Our service enables you to register donors and members, communicate with them and obtain useful reports straight from our online system. Solidus does not require any software-installation. Solidus ensures that donations eligible for tax relief are reported on behalf of the organisation and arranges for statutory annual reports to be sent to the donors. Membership subscriptions are collected through Solidus, ensuring your paid subscriptions are registered and received automatically.

Benefits of Solidus Donation Services:

  • Foreseeable income
  • User-friendly tools
  • Full overview of donations to different projects
  • Simple tax reporting of tax-deductible donations
  • AvtaleGiro using electronic signature with BankID (Direct debit recurring donations)
  • Paper Giros with Customer ID number
  • Mobile donations
  • Effective communication with the donors

Solidus has been developed for:

  • Voluntary organisations
  • Religious societies and churches
  • Sponsorship organisations
  • Membership organisations
  • Humanitarian organisations

Who are we

Solidus was established in 2004 and today more than 500 organisations are using our services. We are helping organisations to increase their income from donations, memberships and subscriptions and to effectively communicate with their donors and members. We are a well established business with a sound financial base.

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